How to Create Meetings Links in HubSpot

Meetings links allow your prospects to book a time that works for both of you, without the back-and-forth of email. Meetings links can be created for unique meeting types and shared via email.

Note: Before you can create meetings links, you need to integrate your calendar with HubSpot - here's instructions on how to integrate your calendar.

Navigate to the Meetings tool by clicking Sales > Meetings in the top navigation bar in your HubSpot portal

Note: All HubSpot Sales or Service Hub users will be auto-populated with preset by default for 15, 30, and 60 minute meetings, similar to those shown below - these links will require a name and email address to schedule a meeting with you:

Default HubSpot Meetings Links

You can edit these preset meetings links by hovering over one and clicking edit, or create new meetings links by clicking Create meeting link in the upper right corner and following the instructions below.

Instructions to create meetings links:

1. Navigate to the meetings tool Sales > Meetings in the top navigation of your HubSpot portal

2. Click Create meeting link in the upper right hand corner, then click Personal

When creating a new calendar link, you'll work through four setup steps - Details, Configuration, Availability, and Form Questions.

Step 1: Details

In the Details step, you can customize the following:

HubSpot Meeting Setup Step 1 Details
  • Photo: Hover over the photo and click Change photo to edit - this photo will display at the top of your meetings link page
  • Meeting Heading: Click the Heading to edit - this will display next to the meeting photo at the top of a meetings link page.
  • Meeting Name: This will appear in your meetings tool dashboard and used when you insert a link to your meetings page in an email.
  • Meeting Link: The link that prospects will use to book a meeting with you.
  • Meeting Type: This can be used to indicate the type of meeting for tracking and reporting purposes inside HubSpot (example: number of connect or discovery sales calls in a given period of time)
  • Duration: Length of time(s) visitors can book a meeting with you for

Step 2: Configuration

In the Configuration step, you can customize the following:

HubSpot Meeting Setup Step 2 Configuration
  • Location: This can be a call-in link, a physical location, etc. - this location will appear in the calendar invite your contact receives, and the event created on your calendar. 
  • Invite subject: Name of the calendar invite your contact receives and the event created on your calendar after the meeting is booked [You can insert personalization tokens in the subject by clicking Contact token or Company token].
  • Invite description: Description of the meeting that will be displayed when you are booked - this description will appear in the calendar invite your contact receives, and the event created on your default personal calendar. 
  • Language: Language you'd like your meetings link in. 
  • Date and number format: Select a country for your meetings link.
  • Reminders: Check this box if you'd like reminders sent prior to your email

Click Advanced Settings to customize the following:  

  1. Minimum notice time: The minimum amount of time before a meeting that the visitor can book (e.g. If you set this to 3 hours, someone could access your calendar at noon and book your empty 4:00 pm hour, but if they were to access the calendar at 2:00 pm, they would not be able to book your empty 4:00 pm hour, as you have specified that it is too short of notice).
  2. Buffer time: Prevents meetings from being booked too close together (e.g., if you have a meeting from 8:00 - 8:30 and have a buffer time of 15 minutes, the next available meeting time would be 8:45). 
  3. When a meeting can be scheduled: Number of weeks from now that time can be booked on your calendar.

Step 3. Availability

Set the time(s) meetings can be scheduled on your calendar

HubSpot Meeting Setup Step 3 Availability

Click the time you'd like your calendar availability to begin, then drag the bottom of the block to the time you'd like it to end - hover over a time and click the duplicate Copy icon to select what days of the week you want the available time to apply to.

Step 4. Form Questions

Customize the questions that appear on the meetings page when scheduling

By default, First Name, Last Name, and Email are required fields

HubSpot Meeting Setup Step 4 Form Questions

You can add any question or contact property from the CRM that you want the visitor to answer:

Click + Contact property, then choose your property from the dropdown menu and click Save

OR Click + Custom question, then enter your question into the field and click Save.

Note: If you'd like to make the field optional, uncheck the Required box to the right of the field.