How to Create & Share a Quote in HubSpot

HubSpot Quotes allow you to build and send a custom web page quote containing pricing information for products or services associated with a deal.

Quotes is a Sales Professional & Enterprise function only

Create a Quote in HubSpot


1. In HubSpot, navigate to Deals (Sales > Deals) and click the deal you'd like to create a quote for

Note: You must have created a deal with associated products to send a quote - see how to create a deal and add products to it.

2. On the left side of your screen, scroll down to the quotes card, click Create quote

HubSpot Quotes Card-1

3. Add the Details of your quote, including Quote name, Expiration date, Comments to buyer, and Purchase terms, then click Next

Quotes Details

4. Add or review Buyer information, including Contact and Company - if a contact and company have been associated with this deal, they will be automatically pulled and reflected on the quote - click Next

5. Review Your information - your information is automatically pulled from profile & preferences - click Next

6. Review Products

  • Add (Actions > Add), edit (Actions > Edit), or remove (Actions > Remove) products
  • Add taxes, fees, or discounts
  • click Next
Review Quote Products

7. Select Signature & Payment option, then click Next

  • No signature: no signature is required to authorize the quote
  • Include space for a written signature: handwritten signature on a printed copy of the quote  
  • Use eSignature: digital signature to sign a quote (requires Stripe account and integration)

8. Review your Quote, then click Finish quote

Share a Quote in HubSpot

Once a quote has been created, you can share it from a deal record or from the contact record in HubSpot

Share Quote from a Deal record

1. Navigate to Deals (Sales > Deals), then click the deal you'd like to share your quote for

2. Scroll down to the Quotes card

3. Next to the quote you'd like to share, click Actions > Copy link

4. In your email inbox, paste or add a hyperlink in an email to your buyer

Share Quote from a Contact record

1. Navigate to the Contact (Contacts > Contacts > select contact) record you'd like to send a quote to

2. Click the email tab

3. Click Quotes, then select the quote you'd like to share (quote must be created before sharing with a contact)

How to Email Quote in HubSpot

4. Type your email & send away!